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IBS Security Provisions

Privacy Agreement

For proper security of each individual's personal information related to use of the Internet Biblical Seminary, (IBS) requires you to read and agree with the IBS Privacy Policy.

To understand the IBS security guidelines, read the following sections:

Student Security

IBS ministers to everyone who desires to grow in a responsible manner in their walk with Jesus Christ and in the knowledge of His Word. IBS also realizes some students working in restricted-access * regions may need special protection for their identities.

While standard Internet guidelines are followed to protect each student's personal information, IBS has adopted some additional security guidelines which vary according to the study option selected. Please consider these guidelines when selecting from the available study options.

  • Independent Study

    While taking Independent Study classes, students interact only with the IBS system. Their online identity is not revealed to any facilitators or other students enrolled in these classes.

  • Online Facilitated Study

    • To protect the personal identity of students in Online Facilitated classes, the identity of the student is revealed only to the facilitator and fellow students within a given class. Even with these constraints, the student is still advised that he is responsible to exercise caution when sharing personal information in class discussions.

    • To further protect students in sensitive areas, a facilitator may select the Enrollment Approval option when creating a class. When students elect to enroll in a class requiring facilitator approval, their request will initially be placed in pending status. The facilitator will review the list of students who have signed up for a class and may even contact the students before approving their enrollment.

      The facilitator is responsible for the safety of the class and may refuse enrollment to any student he feels may compromise that safety. The facilitator may rely on others to help evaluate enrollees, but it is the facilitator's responsibility to decide if a student should be allowed into a facilitated class.

Facilitator and Group Administrator Security

Facilitators and Group Administrators must acknowledge that the nature of their duties will expose their identities to a wider range of IBS users. For example, Facilitators will be identified with the classes they lead. Group Administrators' identities will be exposed to students admitted to their group and perhaps even to non-registered guest users on IBS.

In these leadership roles as Facilitator or Group Administrator, IBS charges you with additional responsibilities to protect student information and identities. You must be familiar with, and agree to preserve the security of students who are under your leadership and are using the IBS courses.

*Restricted-access applies to regions with challenges such as civil unrest or economic or travel restrictions that impede sharing the gospel of Christ or hostilities toward sharing the gospel of Christ.