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The IBS Partnership Process


If your ministry would like to be a part of this new biblical training paradigm, take the following steps:

  1. Review the following to understand more about the services IBS provides our students and partners.
  2. Review the following to determine if the vision and goals of your Mission / Church align with the IBS mission and training model.
  3. If you are in agreement with the above, contact IBS Partner Support by email to establish initial contact and arrange a meeting to exchange information and confirm whether IBS can help you meet your ministry's goals.
  4. Arrange a follow-on meeting between IBS leadership and the key decision makers in your organization who need to agree if the partnership is to go forward. This should be done in person, if possible, but may be conducted via video conference if all participants have access to a computer and the Internet for demonstration and interaction.
  5. This is a partnership. Determine what your mission or church might contribute to the partnership to benefit IBS and other partner ministries, such as:
    • Produce new courses which other groups can use.
    • Translate existing courses into other languages.
    • Contribute personnel to assist in the development and implementation of the IBS website (e.g., web designers, programmers, graphic artists, course writers, editors, online facilitation trainers, instructional designers, and administrative help). This assistance can be provided remotely.
    • Establish prayer teams who will pray weekly for IBS prayer requests
  6. Review the IBS Group Administrator Guide in the Help section and/or take Group Administrator training offered by IBS Learning Services.
  7. Ensure that your Board of Directors and key personnel are fully committed to using IBS, assigning resources to maintain your Group data on IBS, and contributing to the partnership.
  8. Assign one person within your Mission or Church as the Group Administrator who will implement e-learning on the IBS platform for your organization. That designated person should:
    • have good computer aptitude
    • have administrative and leadership skills
  9. That designated individual should log onto IBS and complete the online Group registration process using Start a New Group on IBS.
  10. Once your organization is Approved as a new Group on IBS, contact IBS Partner Support by email to arrange for training and assistance launching your discipleship program on the IBS Web Site.
  11. Startup may require 3-4 days of Group Administrator training and guidance through implementation tasks conducted in person in Colorado Springs, CO or remotely via videoconference.

Recall, to use IBS courses for your own personal growth or informal small group training ministry, you do not need to become an online Facilitator or start a Group on IBS. Simply register on IBS, join an existing group, enroll as a student in an independent study class, invite your colleagues to do the same, and then meet with them regularly to discuss the course material and life applications.