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The IBS Partnership Vision


The Internet Biblical Seminary (IBS) partners with Ministries, Missions, and Churches to make biblical training available to students worldwide using the Internet.

In conjunction with our ministry partners, IBS seeks to provide, at low or no cost:

A collaborative learning environment for students

  • Website available in several languages - including Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, English, Spanish, Russian. (Farsi, French, and Korean in progress.)
  • Access to biblical discipleship courses in several languages - many IBS courses have been field-tested with thousands of students worldwide and proven effective.
  • A multi-campus environment - in which each Mission/Church Group retains its own identity and branding within the context of the larger collaborative IBS ministry environment.
  • A single user experience - allows students to have a similar learning experience, even if they take courses from different IBS partners.
  • Discussion forums - for interactive mentoring.
  • Student record tracking.

Services and assistance for partners in administrative, academic, and publishing roles

  • A complete platform for distance learning - where Missions and Churches can offer their courses and materials with minimal startup effort and cost.
  • Consultation, training, and help desk support for partner staff and students – to get them onboard quickly and able to leverage the system for maximum impact.
  • Student admissions and tracking.
  • Payment processing and reporting.
  • A documented process for publishing and sharing courses in multiple formats, including methodologies and software tools for the rapid conversion of partner courses in MS-Word to Internet, CD-ROM, and print formats.
  • Cost-effective training on course publication processes and course development tools for partners who prefer to do their publishing in-house.
  • Affordable course publishing and translation services for partners who want to outsource such activities.

A "center of gravity" to help establish credibility among supporters and kingdom investors

  • Missions and Churches who collaborate to leverage shared resources can be more efficient and may attract more donor involvement than those working independently on individual projects.