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IBS Privacy Policy

By submitting information to and enrolling on the IBS website, you agree to the terms of the IBS Privacy Policy. The information you provide and have provided IBS in the past will be covered by this Privacy Policy. Please review the policy below.

IBS Privacy Policy


The Internet Biblical Seminary (referred to as "IBS" in this document) is a registered ministry. The following describes the privacy policy (as amended or otherwise changed from time to time) applicable to the services available through the IBS website at (Site). By enrolling and using the services of the IBS Site, you are accepting the Privacy Policy described herein.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

For the purposes of equipping mature disciples for Jesus Christ, IBS focuses on providing each student with quality biblical training by means of personal facilitators and high-quality course materials. IBS is fully committed to the growth and safety of each student; therefore, we protect your privacy and safety online. IBS values your trust and will work hard to earn your confidence, so that you can use our services with enthusiasm and recommend IBS to others.

IBS's Privacy Promise

IBS promises never to sell, rent, barter, or share with any third party personally identifying information collected during your use of the Site without your prior permission.

From time to time IBS may reveal general statistical information about the Site and visitors, such as number of visitors, number and type of goods and services purchased, etc. But IBS will never reference any student, facilitator, or group administrator by name or specific address without receiving their prior written approval.

Your trust and confidence are IBS's highest priority.

Information Collected

IBS collects and stores the names, addresses, and other personally identifying information of customers of the Site who enroll on the Site and make purchase requests or contributions. This information is saved in a secure environment and is kept for IBS's records and to make it easier for you to use IBS services on return visits.

To serve you faster and with better quality service, the Site uses "cookies" technology. Cookies are small bits of code, usually stored on a user's computer hard drive, which enable a website to "personalize" itself for each user. The Site uses cookies to reduce the time it takes for you to submit purchase requests. No third party has access to the information collected this way.

How We Use the Collected Information

Information collected from the Site is used to build features that will make the services available on the IBS Site easier to use. This includes faster purchase requests, better customer support, and safety for students.

Information collected by IBS on the IBS Site is stored in a single, secure database, accessible only by IBS.

IBS does not reveal your name, address, credit card number, or other personally identifying information to any other Site users, IBS sponsors, or ministry partners. IBS will not pass your personal information to others for soliciting of funds.

How to Access or Change Your Personally Identifying Information

If it is especially important to protect your identity while online, please give that consideration when you specify your Username during Registration. IBS does allow you to specify an Alias on the Registration and User Profile pages. It is our intent to use this to further protect your online identity in future releases. However, be aware that the Alias functionality in this release of IBS does not provide full online identity protection.


To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure correct use of information, we will employ reasonable and current Internet security methods and technologies.

Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be communicated through the Site at least 10 days in advance of implementation. Information collected prior to the changes will be secured according to the previous Privacy Policy.

A Special Note About Children

Persons under the age of 18 may use the Site, but their parent or guardian must take responsibility to provide adequate supervision and permission to use the Site. IBS makes no restrictions on who may access and enroll in the Site.

How to Contact IBS

Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact us.