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K-12 Teachers -- Instructions for using IBS for ACSI CEU credits

Click here to view list of available Courses and CEU Credits

CEU courses must be taken on the ACSI CEU Provider campus and are currently priced at $15 per CEU credit (for example, a 5 credit course would cost $75).

Follow these instructions to set up your account on IBS (the Internet Biblical Seminary), apply for admission on the ACSI CEU Provider campus, enroll in classes for CEU credit, and receive credit for your studies:


    • If you are new to IBS, go to and register by clicking Login > Register a new account.
    • Login to IBS
    • From My IBS Portal, select My User Profile
      • under Alternate Contact Options, add your ACSI Practitioner ID as well as other relevant contact options.
      • Profile data should be kept current and consistent with data on file with ACSI.
    • In the sidebar menu, select EXPLORE GROUPS
      • Select ACSI CEU Provider, then Apply for Admission to this Group.
      • Please allow a few days for your admission request to be approved.

    • From My IBS Portal, enter the ACSI CEU Provider campus
    • In the sidebar menu, go to Students > Shop > Sales Catalog.
    • Enroll in desired class by clicking Add to cart and following the prompts.

    • Finish all readings, Lesson Self Checks, and Unit Exams for your class.
    • Click the Complete Class button in the IBS classroom.
    • The CEU Coordinator will update your ACSI VPP (Virtual Professional Profile).
    • If you do not have a VPP, a paper certificate will be mailed to the address you entered in My User Profile in IBS, so make sure your IBS Profile data is current and consistent with data on file with ACSI.
For assistance, see the Help page on IBS or email the CEU Coordinator at

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Language Course Name ACSI Activity ID # of ACSI CEUs
English Advanced Studies in the New Testament ACSI201451236 10
English Advanced Studies in the Old Testament, Volume 1 ACSI201451237 10
English Advanced Studies in the Old Testament, Volume 2 ACSI201451238 10
English Christian Family ACSI201451418 8
English Colossians ACSI201451214 6
English Doctrine 1 ACSI201552925 10
English Doctrine 2 ACSI201552963 10
English Galatians, Abridged Edition ACSI201552965 2
English Galatians, Second Edition ACSI201451213 5
English One To One ACSI201451420 5
English Revelation ACSI201552964 8
Spanish Romanos y Gálatas ACSI201451216 10
English Romans ACSI201451215 5
English Romans & Galatians, Second Edition ACSI201451216 10
English Romans, Abridged Edition ACSI201552966 2
English The Christian Life ACSI201451421 8
English The Christian Life, Abridged Edition ACSI201552967 3
English The Epistle to the Hebrews ACSI201451217 10
English The Incredible Journey ACSI201451243 8
Vietnamese Thơ Rôma Và Galati ACSI201451216 10
English True Spirituality: A Study of 1 Corinthians ACSI201451218 10
English Worshipping God in the Psalms ACSI201451219 10
Arabic التلمذة الفردية ACSI201451420 5
Arabic الحياة المسيحية ACSI201451421 8
Arabic غلاطية ورومية ACSI201451216 10
Chinese 加拉太书 ACSI201451213 5
Chinese - Traditional 加拉太書 ACSI201451213 5
Chinese 罗马书 ACSI201451215 5
Chinese 罗马书及加拉太书 ACSI201451216 10