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Alpha Bible Group (ABG)

Alpha Bible Group (ABG)

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Group Alpha Bible Group (ABG)
Ministry Description ABG is a group of Christians working in New York City who are committed to studying God's Word like the Bereans did, applying it to our lives, and fulfilling His Great Commission.

Course Catalog

Course Name Publisher Language Course Description
Romans & Galatians, Second Edition BEE World English Romans & Galatians, Second Edition is a revision of the original Romans & Galatians based on these two Pauline epistles. This course will explore the historical backgrounds of each epistle and the vital theological issues in the early church. Through this course, you will gain new insights into Christian life and service as you apply the teaching of faith and grace as discussed in Paul’s epistles to the believers in Galatia and Rome.
Studying the Bible BEE World English This course will teach you the time-tested techniques of studying the Bible as taught in many seminaries and Bible schools. Using an inductive approach, you will learn how to observe, interpret, and apply Scripture to your daily life through a series of practical exercises.

Study Programs


Galatians & Romans - Personal Development OnlyPrint
Last Updated 2020-09-12

Description ABG Sunday Bible Study for Sept. 2020 to April 2021
Language English
Required Courses 1
Electives 1
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Courses No courses are currently listed.
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