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BEE Korea (성경연장교육원)

BEE Korea (성경연장교육원)

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Group BEE Korea (성경연장교육원)
Ministry Description In 1992, BEE was first introduced in Korea. BEE Korea was founded in 1994. In 2005, it was also registered as a non-profit corporation. Thousands of leaders from local churches, missions and seminaries were trained in Korea by BEE Korea. This entity also operates in restricted access nations where there are little or no training programs for church leaders. Presently, several bases of BEE Korea have been established in different regions and served by missionaries.

BEE는 Biblical Education by Extension(성경연장교육)의 약자로 선교 대상이 되는 국가에서 훈련된 인도자들을 양성하여 지역교회를 든든히 세우고 사역자들이 재생산 되도록 도와주는 것을 목적으로 교회지도자와 선교사훈련을 전문적으로 하는 선교단체입니다.
국내에서는 개교회와 선교회, 신학교 등지에서 다양한 층을 대상으로 사역하여 수만 명이 훈련을 받았으며, 해외에서는 접근 제한지역과 같이 교회 지도자 훈련 프로그램이 전무하거나 약한 지역에서 사역 중인 수만 명의 목회자들과 교회 지도자들이 훈련받았습니다.
현재 BEE Korea는 사단법인 성경연장교육원으로 한국에 등록되어 있으며, 한국에 본부를 비롯하여 해외에 지역적 특성에 따라 지부를 설립하고 선교사를 파송하여 사역하고 있습니다.

Course Catalog

Course Name Publisher Language Course Description
True Spirituality: A Study of 1 Corinthians BEE World English The Corinthian church was in need of Paul's counsel. Members of the church were divided on doctrinal issues, and behaved immorally. Paul encourages the church to let love and godliness have first place in the congregation. This course will study Paul's advice for the Corinthians and discuss how these truths can apply to the church today.
Colossians BEE World English This course will study how to live according to the gospel and how to avoid doctrines and practices that are contrary to the gospel. These 12 lessons will focus on developing spiritual maturity, as Paul describes it in his letter to the Colossians.
Church Dynamics BEE World English Based upon Sharpening the Focus of the Church by Gene Getz, this couse will lead you through the New Testament principles for growing a dynamic and healthy church in 12 lessons.
The Christian Life BEE World English The course is intended to help you grow in your relationship to Christ and to equip you to help others grow in that relationship. People will be at different levels of maturity in their relationship with the Lord when they begin this course. Likewise, they will differ from one another in maturity when they finish the course. But no matter where you are in your journey as a Christian, taking this course should help you deepen your relationship with Christ.
Doctrine 1 BEE World English These 12 lessons are the first half of a 24-lesson course that surveys the major doctrines of the Christian faith. Based on Basic Theology by Charles C. Ryrie, Doctrine 1 covers the doctrines of God, the Bible, angels, demons, Satan, creation, and man and sin.
Doctrine 2 BEE World English This course concludes the 24-lesson study on biblical doctrine. Doctrine 2 surveys the major teachings of the Bible concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ, the salvation and security of the believer, the ministry of God the Holy Spirit, the biblical study of the church, and a study of the end times and future.
Discipleship 101 BEE World English This course aims to encourage every Christian to disciple and step out in faith. Study these 10 lessons to understand discipleship (in context), the God who calls you to it, and the pattern that achieves discipleship goals.
The Epistle to the Hebrews BEE World English What is the role of Christ as our King-Priest today? In this course on the majestic epistle to the ‎Hebrews, you will see that Jesus did not come to His kingly throne without preparation. Jesus ‎‎“learned obedience through the things he suffered” and was “perfected” for His roles as Priest ‎and King (Heb 5:8-9) so that now He is “crowned with glory and honor” (Heb 2:9). ‎
Becoming a Facilitator BEE World English This course consists of 12 lessons that will equip students to become IBS facilitators. The material serves as a facilitator handbook.
Galatians, Second Edition BEE World English NOTE: This Second Edition is now the preferred version for studying Galatians. It is basically same as the original "Galatians". The only difference is that topical articles are no longer included in the Second Edition of the course. In this course, you will study Paul's life and his epistle to the Galatians, which was likely one of the first he wrote. Through the context of Paul's missionary work, we see how the gospel became mixed with legalism and Paul's fight for the purity of the gospel. Paul's behavior provides an important example for all to follow.
Galatians BEE World English NOTE: "Galatians, Second Edition" is now the preferred version of this original "Galatians" course from BEE World.
Galatians (갈라디아서) BEE Korea (성경연장교육원) Korean 이 과목에서 여러분은 사도 바울의 생애와 그의 첫 번째 서신인 갈라디아서를 공부하게 됩니다. 사도 바울이 복음을 전한 지역에서 복음이 율법주의와 어떻게 혼합되었는지, 그리고 사도 바울은 복음의 순수성을 위해 어떻게 싸웠는지를 알게 됩니다. 갈라디아서에서 사도 바울은 모든 그리스도인이 따라야 할 중요한 모범을 제공합니다.
Life of Christ 2 BEE World English This is the second half of the Life of Christ course.
Life of Christ 1 BEE World English This course chronologically surveys the Life of Christ and develops the major themes and strategy of time on earth. This is part one of two courses that chronicle Christ's life.
Marriage: Where God Builds Two Hearts a Home BEE World English Marriage is the most significant voluntary relationship that two people can enter. It has great potential for happiness but also for pain and disappointment. So a study of marriage is worth your time. But where can you find good teaching about marriage? Every culture around the world has all kinds of advice--good and bad--about how to choose a spouse and how to live contentedly in marriage. But no culture has universally happy couples. Therefore, we chose to base this course on the Bible--a universal source given by the Creator of mankind and the Author of marriage.
Advanced Studies in the New Testament BEE World English This course looks at the New Testament of the Bible. We start by studying Christ's ministry and then by looking at the early church and apostles.
Advanced Studies in the Old Testament, Volume 2 BEE World English This is the second of two courses that provide a framework for the big picture of the Old Testament (OT), examine each OT book individually, emphasize major themes, and point out relationships between the books. We will also study the nations that affected Israel, a biblical theology of the Old Testament, and the chronology of Israel's history.
One To One BEE World English This course is designed as a basic discipleship course for new believers. Here you will learn what you need to get going in the Christian life.
Advanced Studies in the Old Testament, Volume 1 BEE World English This is the first of two courses that provide a framework for the big picture of the Old Testament (OT), examine each OT book individually, emphasize major themes, and point out relationships between the books. We will also study the nations that affected Israel, a biblical theology of the Old Testament, and the chronology of Israel's history.
Worshipping God in the Psalms BEE World English In the Psalms we come the closest to discovering what intimate fellowship with the living God really means and what it is to truly worship Him. We trust that your life will be significantly impacted by what you learn and experience through this study, for there is nothing more important that you will ever do than learning to worship the Lord God, our Creator and our Redeemer.
Romans BEE World English This course studies Paul's letter to the Romans. The material in this course is adapted from Romans and Galatians.
Revelation BEE World English In this course you will study Revelation chapter by chapter. God wants us to hear and understand His message in order to live expectantly for the return of Christ and receive the rewards for our obedience.
Online Student Orientation, Second Edition IBS Learning Services English This course will familiarize all IBS students to the resources available to them.
Studying the Bible BEE World English This course will teach you the time-tested techniques of studying the Bible as taught in many seminaries and Bible schools. Using an inductive approach, you will learn how to observe, interpret, and apply Scripture to your daily life through a series of practical exercises.
You Can Tell It! BEE World English A Seminar in Personal Evangelism

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BEE Korea (성경연장교육원)
18 Maebongro 2-Gil
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Moon Cho
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