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Ministry Description GLINTS - Global Intercultural Services - is committed to mobilizing ministry worldwide. In recent decades, the local church has often left the fulfillment of the Great Commission to outside agencies, meaning that the recruiting, financing, and managing of missionaries is left to denominational or para-church organizations. This often has resulted in a disconnection between the local church and its missionaries. GLINTS seeks to remedy this by serving as a link between local churches, their own missionaries, and partner ministries around the world. The local church is the sender, the missionary, then, is an extension of the local church's ministry, as international partners provide on-the-ground accountability structure.

Course Catalog

Course Name Publisher Language Course Description
Descending Into Greatness ACTS International English What is biblical leadership? What are its characteristics? Are you the leader you want to be? What improvements can you make to be a better leader? Dr. Low in this book explores the absolute essentials for godly biblical leadership. You will have the opportunity to interact with the concepts and develop your leadership skills.
Online Facilitator Orientation, Second Edition IBS Learning Services English This course follows Student Orientation in the Teaching Online curriculum. In Facilitator Orientation, students explore the features and functions of IBS tools and the MyBB system.
Galatians BEE World English NOTE: "Galatians, Second Edition" is now the preferred version of this original "Galatians" course from BEE World.
Genesis 1-11: A Real History of the Ancient World GLINTS English This course will help you gain a firm grasp of the first 2000 years of world history covering such important events as the Creation of all things, the Corruption of all things, the global Catastrophic flood and the Confusion of languages at Babel and subsequent dispersion of the nations of mankind.
Genesis 12-25: Abraham GLINTS English This course is a chapter-by-chapter study of the life of Abraham, covering the 100 years from the time he was called by God to leave his home and relatives in order to enter the land God gave him and his descendants till the day he died. The covenant and promises God gave him have been and will be fulfilled. Your own faith will be encouraged by seeing how God chose and used this ordinary man who trusted his God.
The Gospel of Mark GLINTS English Mark’s gospel is a gospel of action. He introduces us to Jesus as an adult, ready to begin His ministry. Jesus is revealed as the promised Messiah of Israel, Son of David, Son of Man, and--most prominently--the Son of God.
Revelation BEE World English In this course you will study Revelation chapter by chapter. God wants us to hear and understand His message in order to live expectantly for the return of Christ and receive the rewards for our obedience.
Online Student Orientation, Second Edition IBS Learning Services English This course will familiarize all IBS students to the resources available to them.
Teaching Online IBS Learning Services English Teaching Online will introduce learners to the skills, attitudes, and process required to facilitate or teach online Bible courses.

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PO Box 962
Wheaton, IL
Group Administrator
Tim Patterson
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