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e3 Partners

e3 Partners

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Group e3 Partners
Ministry Description Equip, Evangelize, Establish. For 22 years God has utilized e3 Partners to share the Gospel with 5.4 million people, with nearly 1.5 million professions of faith in Christ, while helping to plant 17,000 new churches. Over 30,000 Americans have been mobilized during some 1,800 trips for this work. Almost 450,000 nationals have also been equipped and mobilized for these outreaches. It is all centered on three "e" words- Equip, Evangelize, and Establish. e3 Partners equips believers and mobilizes churches to go share the Good News of Jesus Christ in their everyday course of life, make followers and form small groups. e3 also equips believers and mobilizes churches to establish new churches that last, multiply and make a real difference in the lives of people. Evangelism isn’t some big, complicated, scary enterprise. It is simply telling other people that God loves them and has provided a way for them to experience Him and life as He designed and that they could never imagine or achieve on their own. It is simply telling others the story of how God has transformed our life and then simply explaining the death, burial and resurrection of Christ so they can trust Him, too, as their savior. To do that, e3 equips believers and mobilizes churches with evangelism training and tools to simply share the Good News in the ordinary course of living as a follower of Christ. For some, this is with our low-tech tool, the Evangecube. For others, it is the high-profile tool of the I am Second movement. But our end focus is establishing new churches that can multiply and transform their own community. Hence, e3 country strategies also include holistic ministries such as medical missions, HIV/AIDS awareness, public health initiatives, community development projects, micro-finance enterprises, business as ministry, widow and orphan care, clean water , even veterinarian work …whatever is most needed and within the capacity of the local church to address in their particular context.

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e3 New Hire Orientation Course e3 Partners English This course is for new staff that have received an offer letter from the Human Resources department of e3 or current e3 Staff that were hired prior to January, 2012.

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