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ACTS International

ACTS International

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Group ACTS International
Ministry Description ACTS International seeks to equip national pastoral leaders for effective ministry and church planting among the unreached peoples of Asia.

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Clearing the Fog from the Pulpit to the Pew ACTS International English Dr. Alvin Low reveals timeless truths that will help you have clarity in the purpose and structure of your sermon, allow you to make How is your preaching? Are people getting the message? In Clearing the Fog from the Pulpit to the Pew, your central idea clear, and develop a captivating presence in your delivery. If you desire to be an effective communicator of Biblical truth, come explore the heart of Dr. Low in these pages. You will have the opportunity to interact with the material, record your personal reflections and challenge your understanding.
Descending Into Greatness ACTS International English What is biblical leadership? What are its characteristics? Are you the leader you want to be? What improvements can you make to be a better leader? Dr. Low in this book explores the absolute essentials for godly biblical leadership. You will have the opportunity to interact with the concepts and develop your leadership skills.
Healing the Wounded ACTS International English Giving hope and healing to the wounded hearts and lives. Everyone faces many challenges and hurts in life. Sometimes they are physical, other times they are emotional, sometimes spiritual and often they are a combination of these. Dealing with these times is a essential part of ministry. This course explores ways that will help you become more effective in helping others heal there wounds.
Keys to Unlocking the Bible ACTS International English How do you unlock the treasures of God's Word? Are you seeing and understanding what the Bible really says? In this course Dr. Low presents 10 indispensable keys in unlocking the Bible. These keys will provide insights and better understanding of the richness of His Word, and re-vitalize your spiritual life. Your study of God’s Word using these keys will also help you to better communicate the truth of the Word.
The Name Above All Names ACTS International English Christ is unique. How is Christ unique among other gods? This course sets forth the uniqueness of Jesus Christ in a pluralistic world.
The Pursuit of Ethical Excellence ACTS International English Decisions about right and wrong face us every day. Often it is not the big issues that we have trouble with but the smaller decision that are a shade of gray with which we struggle. We want to do the right thing. How do you live a life of impeccable ethical excellence in the midst of moral confusion? Wondering what to do in making difficult ethical decisions? This course explores various issues that we face and how to make good decisions.
Touching Lives for Eternity ACTS International English When a person comes in contact with the Gospel it touches their lives. How do you share the Good News of Jesus Christ? Is it accurate? Is the message clear? The simple steps in this book will show you the effective way in sharing your faith. It will help you to touch the lives of those around you for eternity.
Unlocking the New Testament ACTS International English It is important to a big picture in mind when dealing with the truth of God and to able to see how it fits together. In this course you will receive an easy to understand overview of the New Testament that is a must for students of the Word.
Unlocking the Old Testament ACTS International English The Old Testament is rich in history, emotion, wisdom, conflict and comfort and praise. In this easy to understand survey of the Old Testament you will gain a better perspective of the structure of the Old Testament and God’s dealings with mankind.
Unchanging Truth for Changing Times ACTS International English Truth is something that we all seek. Yet in our world that is always seeming to change it becomes hard to find. In this course Dr. Low provides a survey of the major doctrines of the Christian faith. He outlines the unchanging truth of God’s Word in a simple to understand format that is life transformational.

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